Art of the Sketchbook

An online art course for the curious and creative

Enjoy this self-paced online art course designed to encourage creative exploration within the pages of your sketchbook. Who is it for? It’s for anyone seeking a fresh approach or looking to expand a creative skill set.  Embrace the freedom and joy your sketchbook can bring and discover your visual voice through this six week guided course.

Take the next step and discover your creative potential

All for only


“Melanie gives you the confidence and courage to connect with your creativity.”

Curious? Here’s the course outline

Week 1

Creative Task 1

Changing Pages

Remove the fear of the blank page, forever

Preparing your sketchbook for creative play

Disrupting the page

Creating accessible and dynamic sketchbook pages

Week 2

Creative Task 2

Exploring Materials

Happy accidents are where the magic happens

Shift your mindset

Colour Theory

Creating opportunities for creative play whilst exploring materials

Building knowledge of materials and the breadth and depth of what you can achieve with them (see kit list.)

Week 3

Creative Task 3

Disrupting the Page

Artistic identity emerging through the pages of your sketchbook

Breaking down creative barriers

How to find joy in the pages of your sketchbook

Discovering collage. Rip and stick

The composition of a sketchbook page

Week 4

Creative Task 4

Exploring Your Visual Language

Find, rediscover or expand your unique visual voice

Diagnosing your visual language

Responding to the creative choices made in our sketchbooks so far

The visual elements and how you use them


Week 5

Bonus Feature on
Mark Making

Watch me in my studio as I fill pages of my sketchbook with washes of ink, playing with watery effects and bold accents of colour

Mark making is a process of trial and error – only by experimentation will you find out what is successful

You will never have to feel like you have ‘gone wrong’ again

Week 6

Creative Task 5

The Creative Journey Continues

Self-evaluation & continued practice

You are now ready to continue your creative journey with your sketchbook

For this task you get access to three lessons

Option 1: Intuitive Art

Option 2: Composition and Collage

Option 3: Practice and Plan


Colour theory

The opportunity to continue your creative journey outside of your sketchbook.

What materials do I need?

The good news is … whatever materials you have to hand, dry or wet e.g. pencils, pens, ink, paint … as the creative principles apply to all. Find my suggested kit list here.

How I deliver Art of the Sketchbook

Sketchbooks are the foundation upon which to build a solid artist practice. Regular sketchbook practice is a learnt habit and an important part of your creative development. You will learn how to build an archive of important visual information.

Using a sketchbook is a powerful learning process to help you explore techniques, mediums, colour and composition. You will work your sketchbook hard in preparation and plotting, trying out compositions, marks and effects, collecting useful resources and making colour notes to refer back to. 

Learn how to find and build your visual language through routine practice, seeing your progression each week.  This course will allow you to experiment with materials, explore and evaluate your distinctive use of the visual elements covering topics such as:

Line – Shape – Tone – Texture – Form – Pattern – Colour – Materials – Evaluation

How will I learn?

6 Tasks taught through guided films sent to you each week

Summary Sheet to print out – includes details on materials

Free Access Anytime

Receive supportive emails from me each week

Links to my curated Pinterest boards

A new creative task will be sent to you every week over 6 weeks. Once you sign up you will have free access to your workshop AT ANY TIME, giving you the freedom to complete the course at your own space. This allows you to go back and repeat any of the tasks whenever you choose, either immediately or at any point in the future.

"I am here to support you at every stage with step by step tasks and fun exercises designed to build confidence and develop your skills."

Meet your tutor

I became a full-time artist in 2016 after many years teaching fine art in the education system. Part of my own creative energy comes from helping others discover (or re-discover) their visual voice.

My approach to teaching is positive and supportive. Be prepared to go on a journey, overcoming barriers along the way. Only by stepping out of your comfort zone will you realise your full potential as an artist. The act of doing, rather than just ‘talking about doing’ is empowering in itself. Signing up to this course is a self-affirming step in the right direction.  

Making the decision to turn professional was a leap of faith for me, but I committed to it 100%.  All those years filling my sketchbooks, collecting information, exploring techniques and experimenting with materials led me to find my own distinct style and I’ve never looked back.

So I’d like to encourage you to start your own creative journey!

“ I was really surprised by my resistance to some of the exercises and how uncomfortable I felt but it’s been great and I really looked forward to the new task each week. I actually enjoyed being out of my comfort zone and the challenges it raised.”


New to online courses?
Unsure if this is the right course for you?

I want you to feel the happiness and security we all feel when we are certain about a choice.

So, I had a think and decided to create a Free Sample Lesson. I want to give you the opportunity to experience the ease and joy of learning online. In this gifted lesson I demonstrate some of my own techniques giving you insight into my artistic practice. 

Click the button below to receive my Free Sample Lesson.

You will also receive a discount on art materials from Pegasus Art, plus some exclusive films made just for you.

Jane is a professional artist

“Art of the Sketchbook is gentle and inspiring. Mel’s warmth and creative generosity is really encouraging. I’ve already started developing ideas to turn into paintings. 

It is suitable for professional artists and complete beginners alike and I hope it will lead to  people everywhere dusting off their blank sketchbooks, or buying new ones, and filling them with delicious experiments, exciting compositions and new ideas like I have. 

Thanks Mel you’ve really charged my flat battery”

Still not sure if this workshop is for you?

Fear stops us from doing the things we really want to do.

Do you hear this inner dialogue?

“I’m not an artist, who am I kidding.”

“I was told I was terrible at art.”

“I’m embarrassed to show anyone my artwork.”

“I don’t know where to start!”

“Someone once laughed at my artwork.”

“I’ve never had any formal training.”

“It’s too late to start now.”

“I’m a scientist so I won’t be good at art.”

If this is you, this is natural and normal. I have met and taught hundreds and hundreds of human beings just like you. These are stories you have been told or are telling yourself.


If you are looking at this page, you are starting to override your inner stories. You have a desire to scratch a creative itch. 

“I got to week 4 and it’s like a revelation ... I don’t have to worry about the lines. I can use colour and texture instead. I’ve just come back from Snowdonia and the beaches of Anglesey and I’m actually seeing landscapes as paintings! Thank you so much, an incredible course.”


This is what I know

Becoming skilled in artistically and creatively is not about instant results or talent. It is a journey. Few of us were ever told that when we were younger. Your experience might be the same as mine. One where talent was often talked about, building skills was not? (By the way, I was not one of the ‘talented’ ones.) Creativity in artistic endeavours is about the joy of experimentation. The feeling of letting go, seeing where the materials take you and the happy accidents. It is about the journey. It is about building skills and experiences.

If you are feeling like you would like to scratch a creative itch, Go on, give it a go. Whether it is an art class you fancy. Getting out old sketchbooks. Drawing more with your children or grandchildren. Taking part in an online course (mine or anyone else’s) Buying some books on art. Please do scratch your creative itch, it is not going anywhere, it will keep coming back. Believe me I should know.

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